Kiska Phone Bajega - Sarkaar ki yojnaon ka dum dikhega…

Prime Idea Network
Prime Idea Network

An initiative to spread awareness about Govt. floated initiatives and schemes for public welfare.

As a part of the media world, we found out that the innumerable schemes and policies initiated by the Govt do not reach their target audience, leave alone their benefits or advantages. These schemes and initiatives do not reach their optimum momentum because of lack of awareness and detailed knowledge about them. To overcome this major obstacle, we at Prime Idea Network conceptualized and designed a unique reality program-‘Kiska Phone Bajega’.
Our program is an out and out anchor based show in which the anchor shoots questions to our registered participants to test the awareness of public welfare schemes floated by the Central and State Govt’s and their major departments. A correct answer wins an appealing prize or gift voucher. A wrong answer passes the question to someone else and in case of quite a number of participants unable to answer correctly, the host gives away the correct answer or takes the question to the department head, present in the studio. Through KPB we wish to gauge the extent of knowledge and awareness amongst people of our country about the various important and innovative schemes launched by our Government. ‘Kiska Phone Bajega’ is a unique way to indirectly campaign for existing and forthcoming policies of Central and BJP ruled State Govt. The current year being the election year, is very crucial for all political parties and the image they portray on the social media amongst the youth about their efforts of public welfare.

Some of the direct benefits of this show are:

Awareness of Central Govt. Schemes and initiatives.

Awareness of BJP ruled State Govts’ initiatives.

Mass media awareness through social media platform to targeted audience.

With State and Central Govt Elections around the corner, this program targets to reach, make aware and educate lakhs of youth online about the initiatives of our Govt.

This unique reality show is sure to become a major platform to attract youth and politically dispirited people and educate them about the actual performance of various Govts. The show is slated to air online on the social media which has a great viewership and is the current blazing trend.
KPB supports and promotes our PM Namo’s vision of Digital India and endeavours to promote various programs and policies launched under the Digital Bharat, Swachh Bharat, Make in India and other campaigns. By becoming a part of this social welfare initiative, each one can directly or indirectly get associated with Govt initiatives and with the vision of our hon’ble PM.

About the Game:

This is a copyrighted show vide copyright no L-40070/2012 under the central Govt. of India. In this game show we shall register participants who wish to try out their luck in the show ‘KISKA PHONE BAJEGA’.

Steps in the Game Show:

Register for the program on our website by filling up the form. The complete registration is absolutely free.

From our database, our host for the show shall pick up minimum six mobile numbers thrice weekly specifically Friday, Saturday, Sunday from all the numbers registered with us.

Our host shall immediately call to contact the lucky persons to ask them one simple question. This question shall be a simple general awareness question based on the welfare schemes or initiatives floated by the present Modi Govt.

A right answer shall win the caller a prize. This prize shall be a sponsored product- could be anything from a mobile phone, laptop, ipad, speakers, branded garments, branded cosmetics toys or maybe gift vouchers/ discount coupons…..The list is endless.

In case of a wrong answer, the question passes to the next registrant. If no one is able to answer correctly, the host gives the right answer along with other details of the Govt policy/scheme to spread further awareness. This program shall be live on our Youtube channel ‘IdeaTv News’ and on our Facebook page IdeaTV News & Chowkidaar2019.

How to get started:

For the convenience of our participants we shall open booking platforms on various social media sites, where interested candidates can register their name, address along with their mobile numbers. Apart from these sites, participants can register their phone numbers live also on our Youtube channel or FB or other social media pages of Kiska Phone Bajega. Registration shall also be open on home page.

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